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Are you hustling to find a trusted partner who can verify your potential properties and help you out with all the verification processes so that you buy them without any worry? Get it done through Nugsol and make all the complicated property verification processes easy.

Get Instant Verification of Home Property Documents.

If you are looking to buy a new house and are not confirmed if the house is legally verified, then you can make use of Nugsol in this regard. The company can verify the documents of the property to avoid any legal difficulties in the future! Our online property checking services cover all aspects of property documents, government office inspection, and your sale agreement review.

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Get Instant Online Property Verification of Land/Plot Documents

If you want your potential land or property to be free of legal issues, Nugsol got your back. We help in the verification of all documents related to Land/Plots so your investment is safe. Our Land/Plot Verification service covers all aspects of property documents, Government office verification, and the sales agreement review.

Check any Commercial Property online Documents through Nugsol

Being a potential buyer of a commercial property is a great risk if you are not aware if the property is legally checked or not. We at Nugsol provide comprehensive risk assessments including verification of all Property documents, review of the sale agreement, and check for Fraud and Forgery. We do an online property check of all types of land documents to make sure that our customers do not face any problems in the future related to property.

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Fraud and Forgery Check

You can save yourself from Fraud and Forgery with Nugsol’s Fraud and Forgery Check. We cross-verify your property documents at all relevant Government offices and make sure the property has Legal Title, Sales Deed, and No duplicate Title. We also provide complete property inspection report and fraud check of your property.

Sale Document Review

Let our experts handle and review the Sale Document of the property to save you from any hassle. Some of the important documents required to check to include the Sale Deed, Mother Deed, Approved Plan of the Property, Bank Approval Certificate, Encumbrance Certificate, Power of Attorney, Property Tax Receipts, and, Completion Certificate.

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Encroachment Check

Encroachment is one of the biggest issues faced by Property Investors and Buyers in Pakistan. At Nugsol, we make sure that your property is built according to the planned and approved layout by the Government offices and relevant authorities.

Frequently Asked Questions

A seed document is the most important to prove house ownership in Pakistan. It contains the information of the buyer and seller.
If you want to verify a home or a property online, you can trust Nugsol to do this task.
Make sure you have these documents in hand: Title Deed, Sale Deed, Mother Deed, Intimation of Disapproval, Approved Plan of the Property, Purchase Agreement, Power of Attorney, Completion Certificate
It works as evidence of ownership. Such a registry is a helpful hand in selling and purchasing the property
You can take the help of the Nugsol team to get your documents verified through its online property checking services.

Get Property Verification Services in 3 Simple steps:

Get in Touch:

The very first thing that you will be required to do is to get in touch with us. You can do that by calling us, messaging us, emailing us, or visiting us. As you contact us, our representatives will be there at your service to guide you on our property verification services and answer any of your queries. You can ask them to set an appointment for you so that you can get your work done in the least amount of time.

Schedule an Appointment:

The second step you have to take is to get an appointment with our team. Our team will require certain documents that are essential to carry out any property-related work. Here, you can share what property you want to verify and share any information such as documents that are related to that property. These documents are important for our team to carry out their investigations and examinations.

Get the Verification Report and Review it:

When the team of Nugsol is done with all their examinations and investigations, we will provide you a detailed report with you so that you can review it and make informed decisions for the property. This detailed report is a combination of property-related components and every aspect is covered in it for the ease of the customer. We strive to provide our clients with the best services.

All Verifications are 100% Accurate



We cover all aspects of property, home, and commercial plots documentation verification, government office inspections, and the review of your sale agreement.



Pricing and processes are standardized to ensure transparency.



We ensure to provide our customers with online property checking services within a time frame.

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