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Have you ever experienced how hard it is to register a property in Pakistan? You must have and that is why you are here! Nugsol promises a smooth process of online property registration. We provide our customers with property registration services so that they can get their work done without any difficulties.

Get Property Registration Services in 3 Simple steps:

Reach Us Out

The initial step is to get in touch with us. You can do that by calling us, visiting us, or getting in touch on social media. As soon as you contact us, our representatives will be there to guide you about the services we provide and answer any of your queries. You can ask them to set an appointment for you so that you can get your work done in the least amount of time.

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The second step for you is to get an appointment with our team. Our team will require certain documents that are essential to carry out any property-related work. In this step, you will also provide us with important property-related information, documents, and paperwork.

Get the Property Registered and obtain registration services:

The team of Nugsol carries out proper procedures and research to get your property registered and provides them with a registration certificate. We are always at service to the ones who believe in us with their service. Such documents are essential in carrying out any property-related matter.

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Sales Agreement and Stamps

We help you with your sale agreement contract which is a set of required documents that include all information related to the seller and buyer involved in the transfer process as well complete online property verification. In Pakistan, these are the required documents that are attached to the Bayaana form:

Complete details of the property with the property owner's verified name

Terms of sale for the property

The total amount of money for which the property is being sold for

Final date for the buyer to pay the remaining sum of money

To draft a deed of the Sale Stamp paper is required, which becomes the contract for the sale. While buying a property, you will be required to pay stamp duty and taxes during this step.

Stamp Duty 3%

Capital Value Tax 2%

District Council Fee 1%

Fixed Registration Fee PKR500 (Can differ as per govt. order)

Sale Deed and Registration

We at Nugsol, draft your Sales Deed and are aware of the bylaws and the rules involved in the process to avoid any complications that might arise in case you are doing it yourself.

Once your Sales Deed is drafted by experts at Nugsol, we take the sales deed (inscribed stamp paper) along with the required documents to the registrar's office. From here, the sub-registrar will call both parties simultaneously and hear their verbal agreement for the trading of property.

You will need to sign the documents and put in your fingerprint to verify the final sale and complete the transfer process. Once this is done, the official will register the sale deed successfully, then the transfer process is complete, and the property is now successfully transferred to the buyer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It protects the owner’s rights, assists in the smooth process of transfer of ownership, and helps to keep away the encroachers.
It may take much of your time to register a property, but Nugsol can assist with fast land registration services.
Unregistered land is harder to sell and you must have original deeds for the property to prove your ownership and sell the property.
Going through the seller’s receipt tax can give you a proper idea if the property is valid or not.
There are a number of steps to follow if you do it yourself. Give the responsibility to Nugsol and we will do it for you.

We take the responsibility for your property registration.

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We can be your trusted partners to do all your land registration processes online.

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Pricing and processes are standardized to ensure transparency.

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With our service, you can be sure the service will be delivered within the set timelines in a convenient, hassle-free manner.

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