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Are you not sure to make legal decisions related to your property? No worries, We at Nugol take this responsibility as well. We are always eager in helping our customers with legal-related affairs. Our expert legal advisors are always up for consultation and we also offer Power of Attorney services.

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Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney is very well known as Power of Attorney or Power of Authority which is the authority to act for another person in specified or all legal or financial matters. The one who gives authority to some trustable person is known as a principal or a donor.

We at Nugsol, provide all legal assistance related to the Power of Attorney in accordance with your requirements and property value estimation.


Worried about any legal property issues? Nugsol provides expert legal advice and solutions for all your matters to give you peace of mind. We have Standardised processes, packages, and deliverables to ensure transparency thein pricing and processes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A power of attorney can be used to grant any, or all, of the following legal powers to an agent: Manage your property with power of attorney. Buy, sell, maintain, pay taxes on and mortgage real estate. Make legal claims and conduct litigation.
Yes, you may appoint multiple agents. If you appoint two or more agents, you must decide whether they must act together in making decisions involving your affairs, or work separately.
You can easily revoke the authority of the agent before it expires.

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When you provide us with the property details, our legal team will follow steps to carry out certain procedures to guide you with property consultation and legal affairs. We deliver our clients with the best legal advice or property matters and they can trust us to get their work done.

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We always want our customers to be aware that we cannot use their information except for their property verification, inspection, registration, and all legal-related services.


Pricing and processes are standardized to ensure transparency.


With our service, you can be sure the service will be delivered within the set timelines in a convenient, hassle-free manner.

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