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Nugsol’s team comprises experts with years of experience in the Real Estate industry. Nugsol is one of the top real estate companies in Pakistan. We deal with different property cases and ensure to provide faultless services in the best possible manner.

What We Do

Nugsol is one of the leading real estate companies in Pakistan. Since the real estate business has grown exponentially, deceitful activities within the business have touched the sky. To make sure that you buy land that is free from any legal issues, you can trust Nugsol’s expert team to verify all the property documents and present you with a detailed report of property verification and valuation. The company holds a strong team of professionals who are experts at their work and make sure to give their 100% to provide 100% accurate results.

Our Vision

Nugsol aspires to become the most trustable real estate company in Pakistan. The main goal of Nugsol is to stop Pakistani homeowners or potential land buyers from getting into trouble due to improper verification of their documents. We hope to become a platform on which every home buyer or land buyer can depend and trust to make better decisions.

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Our Mission

Nugsol’s primary mission is to aware and educate its customers about the security factors and valuation matters associated with the land they are going on by following a proper process of property verification of the land. We aim to provide our customers with the best online property verification services so they can make their big decisions in the easiest possible way.

Our Services

Nugsol is the leading real estate solutions providers in Pakistan, offering a few super easy and fast property solutions in Pakistan.

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Property Verification

Looking to secure property in Pakistan? Look no further than Nugsol! Our years of experience in property verification make us the best choice for property verification in Pakistan. Contact us today to get started!

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online property registration

Property Registration

Nugsol offers property registration in Pakistan for Pakistani and Overseas Pakistani residents. With years of experience, we make it easy to get started with registering a home or condominium.

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property inspection service

Property Inspection

Are you a property owner in Pakistan or a Pakistani living in abroad and want to take your property inspection in Pakistan seriously? Nugsol is here to help! We offer quick and easy property verification for any land in Pakistan.

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property valuation estimation

Property Valuation

If you're looking to purchase or sell a property in Pakistan, Nugsol is your one-stop property valuation service provider in Pakistan. We are the first online property valuation service in Pakistan. Get in touch now and get the actual valuation for your property.

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real estate consultaion


Nugsol is the leading property consultancy and also providing power of attorney to help Pakistanis and overseas Pakistani get a good deal on their home.

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Nugsol’s Team

Nugsol comprises a pool of individuals who have years of experience and expertise in the real estate business. The Nugsol team believes that customer satisfaction is only achievable if we work as a team. We possess some extremely workaholic and trustable employees who are always at service to accomplish company goals. Our team has worked hard to get a huge clientele and we are aiming to add more people to the list!




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Frequently Asked Questions

There are multiple online registries that you can find online to see the owner of a property.
Although there are many property websites that may evaluate your land, Nugsol can assure 100% accurate results.
A property checker provides proper information about the property.
Go to Arazi Record Center > Present your CNIC > Staff will take photos and thumb impressions.
You will have to search your country recorder, city hall, and county tax assessor’s office.


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